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Armoury-Academy-blue-300pxMaking fitness child’s play. A spin-off from The Armoury, The Armoury Academy ™ is a partnership with WeBenefit to use school facilities to provide physical activities for the local community. The aim is to promote wellness and make the school an awesome resource for parents, youths and members of the community. And the school takes a share of the revenue to spend on education, so everyone benefits.

South Africa is the plumpest country on the continent with a whopping 61% of our people overweight or obese and we rank near the bottom of global rankings for sedentary behaviour. One in three adults do not exercise enough to prevent chronic disease and, on average, children are spending less than 20 minutes a day in vigorous activity.

At The Armoury we believe that the importance of regular exercise cannot be underestimated. Being physically active helps us deal with stress and feel energised and more positive about life. Yet as important as exercise should be in our daily lives, we see people getting turned off by the traditional gym experience while feeling guilty for being inactive and piling on the pounds.

That’s where Armoury Academy steps in, on your doorstep, at your convenience, accessible and fun. We stay true to the fundamentals of exercise that have worked through the ages and reckon that the best fitness technology is what you have in your own body. We are also creative in using whatever the school provides, turning it into a big adult playground!

Armoury Academy offers two adult classes, each run twice a week at the school:



Active recreation for those that do little or no exercise. ArmourMe classes begin with small steps and reinforce the positives so that physical activity becomes a pleasure and not a chore. There is no pressure: you’ll run around, play games and be motivated by each other in a friendly communal environment.


For the fitter or more adventurous we offer cross-training with a difference. Knowing that boxing provides the best all-over workout, CrossBox builds a fitness platform for all sports through high-intensity full body strength, cardio and circuit training using no contact boxing techniques. You will run, punch and push your body weight on the school playground, getting all of the benefits of boxing training but with none of the pain!


For learners, we provide grade-related strength and conditioning training and extra-mural activities.

Our accredited Physical Training Instructors are all specially selected, trained and equipped and they collaborate with the school to define specially tailored packages at your convenience.
For more information about where you can find Armoury Academy and to sign up, click here

Coming to a school near you! Armoury Academy is being piloted in select schools in the Cape Town area just now but watch out because we will be rolling out nationwide.